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Two Weeks Challenge!


You have requested and I have now delivered. Many of you have found the Instagram live Abs session helpful and craving for more. SO... as of Monday, 1st of June, I will be leading a TWO WEEKS intense Summer Transformation Challenge! (Summer timetable effective as of 1st June 2020)

You will join a group of like-minded, determined, and motivated individuals to transform and shed off all the lockdown weight and negative energy. As a team, we will work together virtually (via a private Facebook group) to develop and sustain a healthy diet and fitness regime.

Eligibility criteria: - Age 18 and above

- Have a Facebook account

- Committed for the entire challenge! (No dropouts allowed!)

- Comfortable to share a pre and post challenge photos of themselves on social media

If this sounds like you, IG DM @raychanpt “Challenge Accepted” by this Saturday 30th May midnight to sign up!

*Limited spaces (first come first serve basis)* .




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