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Who is RayChanPT & The Chanpions?



I am Ray Chan, founder of RayChanPT and coach of The Chanpions community. I started off as a typical cog-in-the-wheel slaving away in a big 4 firm. As some of you can imagine, work-life balance was non-existent. The lifestyle eventually came at a cost to my health and I made the jump to fitness and nutrition coaching.

I started off as a Personal Trainer at a gym in London. This is when I realised that the ‘traditional’ way of training in a gym with a personal trainer may not be the most efficient way for clients to reach their goals. Modern problems require modern solutions.

So, I moved my business online.

Now, I know what you are thinking, how can this possibly work? I need someone physically next to me to train me.

Let me challenge this thought. In my many years as a Personal Trainer, I have had many client solely depend on me in order to train. If I was unavailable for whatever reason, that client will not be training that day. This is far from being productive towards reaching ones goals.


Even so, how many of you may have had a 1 hour training session with a Personal Trainer then have close to no activity for the rest of the day.

This is like trying to put out a forest fire with just a glass of water, I'm not a fireman but I am sure it's a losing battle.

Is this really productive in reaching your goals?

As an Online Coach, I will have a tailored training programme for you for that 1 hour, but I want to highlight, I main priority is focused on the 23 hours you are not in the gym, this is where people need the most support and accountability in their lifestyle. 

So… I had the idea to create The Chanpion community! My vision is to debunk these myths and create a welcoming, supportive and fun community. 

I want to provide a safe space for those that struggle with confidence and feel like they have tried every different diet with little to no success.

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