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Who is RayChanPT & The Chanmpions?



I am Ray Chan, founder of RayChanPT and coach of The Chanmpions community. I started off as a typical cog-in-the-wheel slaving away in an accountancy firm. As some of you can imagine, work-life balance was non-existent. The lifestyle eventually came at a cost to my health and I made the jump to fitness and nutrition coaching.

I started off as a trainer at a gym in London. This is when I realised that ‘traditional’ training in a gym can be a massive put off for some of you - whether this be intimidation from other gym-goers, demotivated by ‘devil’ coaches, or the inconvenience of going to the gym. Does the story on the right sound familiar to you (definitely me personally).

So… I had the idea to create The Chanmpions community! My vision is to debunk these myths and create a welcoming, encouraging and fun community. I want to bring fitness and nutrition together with my second (maybe first actually) love for anime and gaming! Hopefully, this community can change your views about fitness training and be a game in itself.

Why join The Chanmpions?


If you are a

  • Gamer (including console gamers)

  • Anime weeb


AND you want to have a healthier lifestyle…then this platform is for you!                                                                    


The ethos behind The Chanmpions is to Welcome, Encourage and Connect with like-minded individuals, making fitness and nutrition a fun addition to life rather than a torture! You can get involved at different levels, from joining in our forums and connecting with others, to participating in live workouts or challenges, or (if you are really up for it) individual online or face to face coaching with myself. Have a look at our Packages page for full details.

How to get started?


Decided that this is the place for you? Great – there are two steps to get started:

  1. Sign up with the community here

  2. Read our starter pack (which will be emailed to you) to help navigate around this community


I hope you have fun and meet some amazing #chanmpions! PLUS ULTRAAA! If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself and the team at or use the FAQ page.

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